Accommodation info

Despite the option of camping in the region, we generally don't stay in camps unless you arrange that individually. The reason for this is much bigger flexibility (like the option to cook your own meals), lesser dependency on weather (like rain and cold nights) for comfort and the price difference being minimal.

For our services we cooperate with a network of local hostels and apartments, which are usually in the close vicinity of the crags. Since the hostels are small, cozy, family-owned businesses, a specific one may be fully booked at the time ot our trip or it will be unable to provide extra requests like individual rooms for 2 people. Therefore we will be able to confirm the exact hostel/apartment when the group is closed and we know all of your requests, which is usually 2-3 weeks before the trip.

However, we can guarantee you nice, cozy and clean rooms with bathrooms for max 8 people; the option to cook in the hostel/apartment; wi-fi; common room and super friendly owners wherever we may stay. Our main bases in Slovenia are the fabulous POD KOSTANJI in Osp, where you sleep practically under the wall and HIŠA ROBIDA in Črni Kal, which was recently remodelled in the old style. Further on we have the peaceful OCISKI RAJ, located just 10 km from Osp. For smaller groups we sometimes arrange sleeping in charming XAXID, which is an experience in itself! In Croatia, we can stay in the small village of Roč in one of fantastic apartments like DOLORES or POD LIPOM.

As for eating, we will provide breakfast for you each morning or give you the option to buy it yourself. The lunch will usually consist of snacking under the wall during climbing. We will buy drinks and food every day before we go climbing. We can organize a special dinner, which will be hosted by a local in his wine cellar and will introduce you to the excellent fresh local produce. All other dinners are up to you. You can cook for yourself in hostel or we can take you out to nice local restaurants and taverns which are special, tasty and not too expensive.