Frequently asked questions

1How do I book / pay for the trip?
First you send us the e-mail with your information. For 1-day guiding you can pay on the spot on the same day or via PayPal. For weekends and holidays we first determine your wishes and dates. After we figure everything out, you will get an invoice for your chosen holidays with added possible surcharges. You need to pay at least 50% as a deposit to reserve your place at the holidays (via wire transfer, Paypal or other means) at least 2 weeks before the holidays start and the full amount before the first day. Note that there is a limit to the number of participants so after we reach this limit the booking will be closed for anyone who didn't put up a deposit. The final price is calculated considering the number of participants. There may be additional surcharges later or even during the trip, based on your decisions or if you change your mind about some itineraries.
2Can I cancel the trip and get money back? Is the booking financially protected?
If you cancel within 3 weeks from the start of holidays, you get the 100% refund. If you cancel within 2 weeks before the holidays start, we keep 30% of the holidays price, unless we are the ones to cancel the holidays due to not enough participants, in which case you get 100% of the refund. Cancelling at later dates allows us to keep 50% of the holidays price. The agency is insured against cancellation from our part or one of our suppliers. If the holidays are cancelled due to any reason from our part, you get the full refund and a discount for another date. There are more info in Terms and conditions below.
3Is there a limit to people?
Yes. The lower limit depends on some factors, but we have gone through with the trips with just 2 people. We need to confirm the dates before it's official though. Usually 3 people will be enough for confirmation. The upper limit is between 8 and 12 people, which depends on availability of guides. The holidays can be sold out for a specific date! We don't overbook and we keep the ratio of people/instructor low!
4How can I get some discounts?
You can be lucky to find them at your local wall or club: we sometimes make promo offers to them. You may find a promotional code online. You will also get discount as a returning customer. If you apply in groups, you get some incremental discounts.
5Are there any age restrictions?
Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. For children between 14-18 we may be able to work with a signed permission from parents to participate at the holidays alone, but we can discuss that via e-mail..
6Who takes care of the flights? When do I book it?
You are responsible for booking and paying for the flight. We can, however, help you find the right flight for you. Our trip begins when you land in Ljubljana or Trieste (or some other airport, but that's subject to surcharge). From there on, you don't have to worry about transport, food, sleeping, climbing or anything. Our trip ends at the airport for your return flight. You should book your flight as soon as we confirm the specified date on our website. If you booked our holidays, we will send you an e-mail as soon as we confirm the date. After you book the holidays we can actively help you find the best flight for you.
7My flight is not going to Ljubljana/Trieste... or not on the designated date!
It depends where you are going. We’ve got the plan figured out for some other airports like Zagreb or Venice, but it will come with a slight surcharge. You may be on your own if you land too far from Slovenia, like Amsterdam. Same goes for other dates. This usually means we need to find some additional help which comes with additional costs. But we can solve most problems. We can talk about it via e-mail.
8How long do I have to wait for pick up and after drop off?
We try to make you wait as little as possible. Firstly, it depends on you giving us the correct flight information. Then, we try to organize our transport in a way to pick you up right after you land and drop you off 1 hour before the take off (or at the specified check in). If we have to pick up many people at different times, we use the time in between to do some sightseeing close to the airport.
9Do I need a visa for Slovenia/Croatia/Italy?
Generally, no. All three countries are part of the European union so you are free to move through as a European citizen for up to 90 days - that goes for Great Britain too, at least for a few more years. You will usually only need a valid passport to enter Croatia, though you may need an extra visa for certain countries. Sometimes people with European visa can only move within Schengen zone. Slovenia and Italy are part of Schengen zone, but Croatia is not. Please check that information in advance at your government pages, embassies or consulates. is a useful page too.
10Do I need travel/health insurance?
It's up to you, but we strongly recommend it! Make sure it includes climbing. Although our safety record is impeccable, there are too many things that we can't anticipate and neither can you. Regardless of your climbing level, you can step clumsily on your way to the car and injure your leg. Some recommendations are in the Links section of this page. But in any case, be sure to get insured for the full duration of the trip!
11I'd like my own room.
The rooms are usually shared among participants and the number of people per room and distribution is subject to availability and the chosen hostel/apartment. A couple can get a special double room, and we can even get a room for a single person if he/she wants more privacy. But this comes with a reasonable surcharge.
12I'm vegan / vegetarian / allergic to peanuts etc.
It's no problem. We can adapt to your needs and wishes. It is important you tell us these things in advance, though. Some experiences will be slightly limited for you, like the local dinner, due to not many local dishes being vegan-friendly or wine-tasting if you don’t drink alcohol. It is important that you provide us with special requests and information before the trip, as it will make it much easier for us to adapt to you.
13I (don't) want to climb all the time!
We are very flexible with itineraries. Usually it's possible for part of the group to just go "a muerte" and spend the whole day at the crag, while the other part climbs just a little and then spends the rest of the day exploring the close region.
14How much extra money do you think I'll need?
Depends on how long you stay here. You can get a decent meal for about 8-12 €, with half liter beer starting at about 2.5€. You can probably get by comfortably with about 15-20€ per day, though you should bring a bit more for some luxuries, entrance fees and souvenirs. So, we’d say about 150-200€ extra per week. And, of course, you'll have to buy the plane ticket and health insurance.
15What's climbing like in Northern Adriatic?
You can check out some descriptions and pictures elsewhere on the page. But it is for sure one of the best regions in the world for limestone sport climbing. The area that we normally cover, contains over 3500 routes in 40 crags, with additional bouldering areas, DWS, big walls and a great indoor bouldering wall.
16What about non-climbing scene?
It’s everything you could’ve wished for. The coast of Mediterranean Sea is quite touristy (but mostly in the summer) and full of beaches, summer resorts, charming towns, cliffs, Roman ruins and Austro-Hungarian buildings. There are centers for culinary, parties and culture. The hinterlands, however, are a charming, out of time, Tuscany-like scenery of rolling hills, villages, crags, medieval heritage, olives, vineyards, fruit orchards, truffles, wildlife diversity, waterfalls and unspoilt nature.
17What's the weather like?
The climate is Mediterranean, which means the summers are fresh and the winters are mild and dry. The best time of year is spring and autumn, although the whole winter can be just perfect for climbing. The rainfall is spread over the whole year evenly and rarely exceeds 100 mm per month. Lots of crags withstand some rain and they dry quickly after they get wet. Mostly the weather is sunny and you can climb topless or in t-shirt through the whole winter. It starts to get too hot in June and until September we have to seek shade in the summer climbing areas.
18What happens if it's raining?
Well, the water falls from the sky. What this means for our holidays? We become a little more limited, however we hope to carry out the itinerary in full, with minimum changes. There are some crags that are completely rain-proof, though the route selection will be limited for complete beginners. The potential crags we can visit are also quite far apart, so chances are some will be dry in any case. We also have option to visit one of the best gyms in Europe for some training, at least for a day or two and focus more on your improving the climbing skills. But the weather is generally nice, sunny and warm, and the rain doesn’t last long. In any case we will adapt and provide the best experience no matter the circumstances. It may mean some changes in the itinerary, though.
19What makes you the good choice to climb with?
All instructors have been climbing for 20+ years and are longtime experienced guides. We've been climbing here since our beginnings and we still love it. We climbed here in every possible conditions, with kids, beginners and world class climbers. Klemen runs the main climbing web portal for the region, Jurij wrote the definitive guidebooks and the second Klemen is a legend with the hardest climbs and FA's in all three countries. Eva has guided tourists in the region so many times she's practically a local. Trust us, you're in good hands! We also work closely with locals to give you the best experience of where you were.
20What's the ratio of people per instructor?
The highest ratio is 4 people per instructor. We would like to give you the best possible experience and knowledge and we feel that any higher ratio would water this down substantially. We want to get to know you specifically, what your strengths and weaknesses are and what you want to get out of the holidays.
21Do you follow zero impact code?
Well, as far as sustainability and environment protection goes, we're 100% dedicated to zero impact or "leave no trace" philosophy. We actively contribute to maintenance of crags and Slovenian rebolting fund. All our activities and establishments we cooperate with are in line with this. We would however like to have lots of impact on the local community to embrace this sort of natural and sustainable sport tourism; and of course we’d like to have maximum impact on you to make you a better climber and share our values with you.
22Do I need my own equipment?
No. We can provide everything, from ropes, helmets, quickdraws, climbing shoes, harnesses, chalk bags and motivation. It is recommended you have your own shoes and harness for maximum comfort.
23What's the required experience or knowledge?
ZERO. It can be your first time on the rocks. Please look below this FAQ for a table of what we provide for different profiles of climbers. Although we will teach you whatever you will need, this holidays are not an official climbing course.
24Can I pay in British pounds / American dollars / other?
Since you're paying via bank transfer it doesn't really matter how you pay. But once you are here, the currency in Slovenia and Italy is euro. Croatians have their own money, called Kuna. You will have the option to change the money and we can change it for you at the end of the trip too.
25I can't see my question!
No problem - just shoot us an e-mail and we'll try to answer enything else.

Your climbing level

1I'm a newbie. I've never climbed before.

We can take care of you. We'll introduce the gear, basic concepts and safety measures of rock climbing, which will enable you to try your first routes on top rope (a fixed rope on the top, so you can't really fall). From here you've got two options: enjoy and climb as many routes as possible, build your confidence and get used to vertical movement. Or, you can continue learning how to belay, lead climb and refine your skills to the point where you will lead climb the routes at the end of your trip.

2I'm a beginner.

You've still got lots to learn and we're happy to share some of our knowledge. Be it perfecting your basic climbing skills and technique, optimizing your trainings, dealing with fear or other mind games or if you wish to learn how to belay dynamically, some other advanced rope maneuvers and usefull tricks like cleaning the route or getting over nasty parts. We can find you a perfect project for your holiday and together we'll get it done..

3I'm somewhat experienced.

You've got the most options to enjoy here. After we assess your knowledge and level, we can leave you to your climbing routines, be it onsighting or projecting and give you just as much help and assistance as you like. Maybe you just like to be pointed to the best routes and given a safe belay. But you can also advance with us in any area of your climbing with some personal coaching.

4I climb OK, but limestone is not my style.

Well, it's our main style, so you're in good hands. A transition to a new style of climbing, or even a new crag can be long and tiring, but we will fact-track this process for you, by chosing routes that fit you and gradually introduce you to limestone. But if you want to mainly enjoy a couple of grades below your usual level, it's fine too - after all, you're on holiday!

5I'm quite good in fact.

We can share some stories and tips over a beer in the evening then. We love to learn new things and hear about new places. But you too can benefit from our crag and route selection that will surely suit you. Maybe you can tackle some nasty projects with us and might find some beta for the routes useful. The better you are, the more you can focus solely on climbing.

6My partner doesn't climb!

We can try to change that. But if your partner has some unusual allergy to limestone, we can try to work around that too. As you will always be accompanied by two guides, on many days your partner can decide to discover the non-climbing sides of the region with one of the guides. So you can both get what you want and can compare notes in the evening.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions are necessary to protect us from circumstances beyond our control and from unreasonable people. Our business model, however, is based on customer satisfaction and any customer not being completely satisfied hurts us significantly. We encourage everyone who has used our services to comment them on any of our channels. We strive not only to carry through the holidays you booked, but to surpass your expectations in every way.

1. The terms and conditions are in effect with your payment of the invoice and our confirmation of the specific holidays. Terms and conditions may be occasionally amended or added to. The latest version will appear on the website. Each participant is responsible for reading them online when booking the holidays. If one person books holidays for multiple members of the group he should acquaint the others with these terms.
2. Like most websites, this one uses cookies to function better. We also collect some personal data in order to process your booking and to make specific arrangement about your holidays (be it dietary restrictions, medical conditions or other). We will use this information only to carry out the said holidays. We may pass the necessary information to some suppliers of our services. We may use the information for future marketing purposes unless you do not wish to receive any marketing material from us in the future.
3. The holidays are reserved when you complete the online form and make at least 30% of the down payment in the specified term. The holidays are fully booked when the full payment is made in specified term and the other data is collected from you. The holidays are confirmed when you get the confirmation e-mail of your payment/booking that includes the invoice. Any other e-mail correspondence prior to that does not constitute confirmation. After getting confirmation invoice, you are responsible to check all the stated information is correct and notify us of any errors as soon as possible. We will send any information regarding the holidays to the e-mail you will specify in your booking form. You are responsible to check the specified e-mail regularly.
4. After completing the booking form, you will get a price quote for your holidays. To have the holidays reserved, you need to pay 30% of the specified amount for each participant. To have the holidays fully booked, the full amount of the cost must be paid at least 2 weeks before the start of holidays. If you cancel your booking less than 2 weeks before the start of holidays (or the full amount is not paid by that time, in which case we will assume you wish to cancel), we are entitled to keep the 30% deposit.
5. You can cancel your booking and get the full refund, including the 30% deposit, if you do it at least 6 weeks before the start of the holidays. If you cancel at least 4 weeks before the start of the holidays, we keep 1/3 of the deposit (10% of the price) and if you cancel at least 2 weeks before the start, we keep 2/3 of the the deposit (20% of the price). After that, in case of cancellation, we keep the deposit.
6. We reserve the right to make changes to any price or information stated on the website. If that affects the holidays you already booked, we will inform you about it and you will have the option to cancel the holidays and get full refund. One such possibility is because not enough people have applied for specific holiday.
7. Upon booking, you will be provided with a special questionnaire, where you can specify special dietary requests, medical situations and other requests. You are obliged to inform us of any other requests or situations. We will do our best to consider any such reasonable requests, but we cannot guarantee they will be met.
8. You may change the participant on the holiday, to take your place or any other place that you booked, provided you notify us at least 1 week before the holidays begin and you send us the required information.
9. We guarantee UIAA certified and maintained equipment and qualified instructors with highest licenses for sport climbing. However, climbing and activities in nature can be dangerous and may result in minor or major injuries and even death. You agree to release us from any responsibility for the consequences which result from your omission or disobeying of our instructions or doing anything on your own.
10. All our holidays arrangements are provided with reasonable skill and care. We will accept responsibility for and consequences which are result of our failure to use the said skill and care by ourselves or our employees. If you're making claim against us, it’s your responsibility to demonstrate the lack of reasonable skill and care. We cannot be responsible for actions of any third parties you contract during your holidays.
11. We are not responsible for and damages and expenses that result from unforeseeable or unavoidable consequences or as a consequence of force majeure (ie. war, riot, natural disaster).
12. All itineraries specified on the webpage are samples and all places, accommodation, dinner options, crags and sights are subject to our decisions, based on your input, weather and other circumstances.
13. It is your responsibility to get the proper travel and medical insurance. Where we are found liable for loss and/or damage to any luggage or personal possessions, the maximum amount we will have to pay is 300€ per person affected.
14. All flight arrangements are your responsibility. We may only provide help with finding flights but we are not responsible for any services in this regard. We may add surcharge for any additional costs that may be result of flight delays. You need to provide us with correct information for pick up and drop off at the airport. We are not responsible for checking your flight schedules or changes to it.
15. Climbing and other activities in nature can be hazardous and participation carries a risk of death and personal injury. You must be fully aware of all risks and have the necessary skills, fitness, equipment or experience to participate in the activity. We can only accept responsibility for our gear and instructions and guiding.
16. You are responsible for any damages or loss caused by you during the holidays. Full payment for such damages must be made direct to the affected party (within a reasonable estimate and subject to surcharge or return of difference to the actual cost). If in our or any other person in authority’s reasonable opinion you behave in a way that is likely to cause danger, upsets or distress to any third party or damage to property, we are entitled to terminate the holiday and we will have no further responsibility towards you including return travel arrangements. You will get no refund for the holidays.
17. You are responsible to have up to date passport or in some cases proper visa. It is your responsibility to check all such information at the Embassy or Consulates. We are not responsible for any costs and cancelations that may arise from improper passport of visa situation. All your travel and health documents are your responsibility too.
18. The information contained on our website and in other advertising materials is believed correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing. However, errors may occur and information may change. You must check all details of your chosen holidays, including the price with us at the time of booking.