Weekend option

WEEKEND OPTION is for people short on time, who would nontheless like to taste some of the best climbing Northern Adriatic region has to offer. We could even climb in three countries in three days with very little driving around or maybe you would prefer to pick one world class place like Osp or Kompanj and spend your weekend there. In each case, we're here to optimize your stay and help you find the best routes for your level, show you hidden places, local restaurants and more.

We can mix the climbing with some sightseeing on half-day climbing or even give you a full day to discover UNESCO protected attractions or do some hiking or biking in the nature. The options for itinerary are endless, with 100 crags and 10.000 routes, castles, nature reserves, caves etc. So we like to make each weekend specially tailored once we get to know the group. One thing is certain: you will climb as much as you can and in the short time with us also learn many professional tricks.

The three usual types of itineraries are LEISURE weekend, where we try to find a sweet spot between climbing, sightseeing, coaching and culinary exploration. So a bit of everything. Another option is CRASH COURSE where we try to introduce you to climbing, teach you the basics, how to belay and lead climb and pack all this into a nice learning curve. Maybe you are already quite good. Then we can prepare ADVANCED TRAINING for you, where we try some harder routes, and go deeper into climbing techniques, dealing with exposure and fear of falling, training programmes, how to onsight, boulder or multipitch...

The usual hubs for weekend climbing are Osp and Rovinj/Buzet in the south and Ljubljana and Bled on the north. The usual pickup point at the airport are Ljubljana (Brnik) airport, Trieste (Ronchi) airport or Klagenfurt airport.

The duration of the package is from the morning of the first day till the evening of the last day. Different arrival times do not change the prices.
The price includes all the guiding and coaching you need with the usual ratio of 1 guide per max. 3 people. It includes the transport from the pick up point to all the crags and back for the whole duration. And, of course, all the gear you may need for climbing.
The price does not include other drinks, snacks or dinner. Dinner can be arranged in many different ways: we can cook at our apartment or we can take you to the best local restaurants, nice pizzerias or even fancy places and wine cellars. Average dinner will cost you about 15€. Also not included are potential entrance fees if you decide to visit certain attractions and other souvenirs.
You should also get to the pick up point on your own. But we can help you with finding the cheapest flights or other options. Although out agency and guides are licensed and insured, you should take care of your individual insurace for travelling abroad.

Surcharges may include: special pickup/dropoff at other airports or locations (incl. Venezia, Pula, Zagreb...), multipitch climbing, special individual coaching, special requests for accomodation etc.

The prices are stated for 3-DAY option. This can be extended to 4 or 5 days for a surcharge of 80-100 € per person per day (depending on the group size).
Minimum number of climbers is 3. For smaller groups some surcharges may be applied. Maximum number of climbers is 10. For any other options and request please contact us individually. To confirm your booking, a down payment via Paypal or wire transfer is necessary at least 2 weeks before the start of the itinerary and the rest before the first day. The final price may change if more people apply.

Contact us for booking or more info.

No. of people Price per person
1 500€
2 300€
3 260€
4 230€
5 220€
6 210€
7 and up 200€

Below you can check out an example of the leisure weekend.


On this day everybody arrives to one of the designated airports. For convenience we will look at flights from London to Ljubljana or Trieste, which are plentiful. We will try to be quick and catch the group that is sightseeing somewhere in the region.

In the evening we can take our time to get to know each other and have a more relaxed chat over a glass of wine or local fruit juice. We go through the itinerary and check your level of climbing and knowledge, your goals and wishes for this holidays and other preferences.


After refueling with smooth Istrian bread and some coffee, we check the weather and make some decisions. Depending on many factors we’ll help you choose from either visiting a place near Buzet, or go to the eastern coast, to the cosmopolitan Opatija, with seaside promenades, beaches and the most scenic crag of Medveja.

The third option is to go south, where you can climb right beside the sea in Rovinj or in splendid natural area of Lim Bay. Wherever we go, there’s great climbing & views and when the sun goes down, we can stroll by the sea, have a beer or talk with seagulls.

Maybe we can even be touristy in the afternoon. Our recommendation is of course, to visit the famous medieval hilltop towns of Motovun, Buzet and Grožnjan. We’ll try to find some truffles and olive oil and wine. Or, we can visit the fantastic Vela Draga valley, which is a spectacular learning trail of Karst landscape and there’s also some climbing here.


We'll go to Osp, choosing among Misja pec, Babna or Crni kal. Or maybe you’d like to do some bouldering today - in the nature or in one of the best gyms in Europe? Some may want to try an easy multipitch...

If you’ve got the energy, you can climb all day, but if you’re starting to get tired, you can spend the afternoon on a nice walk along the Karst edge, starting in the Socerb castle and walking along the former war bunkers with great views of Trieste. In the evening we will find some food in Koper, which is a nice town to take a stroll in and maybe check out some bars or bowling or snooker.


After morning routine it’s time to change the scenery again and hop across the border to Italy. We can visit the good old scenic spots of Napoleonica or Val Rosandra or check out something else like Aurisina, Doberdo or Sistiana. Again, you can climb till you drop or you can cut your day short and check out the famous Austro-Hungarian coastal castle of Miramare with its spectacular garden that’s free of charge. You can also check out some expositions in the castle, which change often.


We wake up early, eat breakfast and go to the airport, as some people may have an early flight. The others may have to wait until afternoon or evening. And why do it on the airport if we can drive you to the most famous Slovenian lake – Bled to take the cliché photo and eat the creamcake. Then it’s really time for one last hug and goodbye. We're sad to see you go and hope to meet up with you again soon!

For other important questions, check out FAQ section or write us an email here.