Weekend option

If you're short on time, you should at least fly over for the fantastic WEEKEND OPTION. Depending on flights, we can make a 4 day or 5 day option for you. Although we can try to maximize your climbing achievements and stay at one crag all the time, the weekend option nonetheless provides at least a taste of each unique country of Croatia, Slovenia and Italy, each visited in one day at the crag best suited to your level and other circumstances. We'll also provide a healthy breakfast, unforgettable local dinner and possible touristy detours to charming Ljubljana and beautiful Bled. You won't believe how much you got in such a short time.

We start all our programs on Thursday, based on the most optimal planes schedule. The normal package is 5 days (4 nights), but it can be cut short by one day due to flight schedule. Other lengths and starting dates can be arranged but can be subject to the number of participants and sometimes higher fees. You should contact us about that here.

Below you can check out a short description of each day in the schedule.
Check out the prices and dates here.

Some of you may only have time for 3 days. It's not ideal, but if you manage to get good times on arrival and departure, you may squeeze some serious climbing into the weekend. This option is subject to availability and will cost you a bit less than the 4 day option. Contact us about more details.


On this day everybody arrives to one of the designated airports. For convenience we will look at flights from London to Ljubljana or Trieste, which are plentiful. If multiple groups will come to Ljubljana airport, we will include a free tour of Slovenian capital while we wait for others to arrive. Ljubljana is a charmful, green and interesting little city with unique architecture and vibrant old town that will mesmerize you. Then it’s time we meet at the hostel, unpack, refresh ourselves and head to the tavern nearby to properly introduce ourselves. Since you must be hungry, we'll treat you to a nice local spread of cold cuts, dried ham, cheeses and other goodies. We will explain the itinerary and maybe modify it little according to your wishes. We will check your level of climbing and knowledge, your goals and wishes for this holidays and other preferences.

* For large enough groups that all arrive early, we can skip Ljubljana tour and try to get some climbing on the first day already!


After breakfast we stop by the shop to buy some snacks and drinks for the day and drive to the crag Osp. Depending on the level of climbers and weather conditions we get some taste of the limestone in Črni Kal, Osp or Misja pec. We will review the correct belaying and some other basic techniques for climbing in the limestone, slabs and overhangs. We’ll go a bit slower through some classic routes to build up the confidence and assess your levels and see which style suits you best. You got instructors at your disposal until dark, to put up tope ropes for you or preplace quickdraws, to advise on which routes to climb, and to teach you any aspect of climbing, from technique to training or mental approach. Maybe you’ll enjoy all day onsighting, maybe you’ll find a project or maybe you’ll just climb.

In the evening, we’ll walk through Osp, a little village made of stone and also one of the oldest in Slovenia. We’ll go to visit a local in his wine cellar for an unforgettable dinner – and it’s our treat! It’s 3 courses with wine selection, but it will be done in a very old and genuine way, with food cooking in front of you on the fireplace. We will share some stories of these places and people and we hope to hear some stories from you too. We’ll try not to overdo it – especially with the wine, because we’re climbing again tomorrow!


We wake up, eat, shop end check our passports. We move across the border to Croatia, the fresh and new climbing heaven, with plenty of top notch areas that were developed recently. We pick one according to your level, weather and other preferences. Maybe the overhanging Pandora or less demanding Buzetski kanjon will do. Maybe we check out all-rounder Kompanj or more vertical Kamena vrata or Istarske toplice. The possibilities endless and the climbing is just perfect. Same can be said for the views of the peaceful countryside with medieval towns and rolling hills. We find something to eat, choosing from the best pizza north of Napoli or the cozy restaurants with local and fresh seafood cuisine. We return back to Osp in the evening.


Today is a mixed bag with many options. Some of you may have to go back home (your itinerary will be the same as day 5); while others may choose to climb all day or do a half day blast and spend the rest of the day sightseeing. We'll make it international again (unless you want to stay in Osp and finish off some project) and move across the border to Italy. The crags here are famous as being extremely scenic: either just above the sea or in exceptional natural surroundings. Based on weather and the climbing level we assessed earlier, we’ll take you to Napoleonica, Val Rosandra or Costiera. Then it’s good old climbing again, with professional instructions from our guides. In the afternoon, we will visit the most charming slovenian coastal town, Piran and get something nice to eat while we stroll along the coastal promenade.


We wake up early, eat breakfast and go to the airport, as some people may have an early flight. The others may have to wait until afternoon or evening. And why do it on the airport if we can drive you to the most famous Slovenian lake – Bled to take the cliché photo and eat the creamcake. Then it’s really time for one last hug and goodbye.

* For large enough groups that all depart late enough, we can skip Bled detour and try to get some farewell climbing early in the morning.

So, what is included in this offer?

1. ALL THE TRANSPORT: from pickup at the airport to drop-off there at the end of the holidays; including all the driving to the crags and local restaurants for dinner.

2. GUIDES and INSTRUCTORS: will be available to you 24/7, to teach you everything about every aspect of climbing, to put QD's or top rope in routes, to show you around and to guide you while sightseeing. You can get a knowledgable climbing partner, a belay slave or a hardcore intensive climbing course that will elevate your climbing mentally, tactically and technically.

3. SLEEPING costs: in hostels or appartments, with option to cook and usually close to crags in cute unspoilt villages.

4. 1x DINNER and all breakfasts

5. Any equipment you may need, from ropes, helmets, harness, climbing shoes, chalkbags and brushes.

6. Potentially Ljubljana and Bled tour (depending on your flight)

What's not included (and somewhat necessary)?

1. Plane ticket: or other means to get you here. We can pick you up in Ljubljana or Trieste airport. (even further by surcharge). You can check out the prices, flights etc. on Skyscanner or directly at airline companies at Links section. Of course, you can also come with a train or your own car.

2. Most dinners: 1 dinner is on us, the rest are up to you. We will give you option to go to great local restaurants and try the typical food which includes a lot od pasta/Italian influences and seafood. Or, you can always cook for yourself at the apartment/hostel. An average dinner with drinks should cost you less than 15€. Since we are in restaurants you will have many options to choose from. However, the dinner at the local wine cellar is our treat, so you should let us know about your special requests, allergies or dislikes.

3. All the lunches/snacks: since we’re climbing most days we leave it up to you to refuel during the day. We will however stop in the shop where you can buy whatever you think you need.

4. Insurance: While all our gear is checked and regularly replaced and our certified instructors main focus is your safety and comfort, you can never predict all the possible situations. Maybe you will hurt yourself while you slip on the path… so you should really get good insurance, that includes climbing! You can find some options for UK in the Links section.

5. Souvenirs and other things you may buy for yourself. If you plan to buy the world famous olive oil, truffles or similar treats, you should check out the airline policy about it. Usually such items have to be checked-in.

6. Surcharges: for picking you up at Venice or some other airport that's not Ljubljana or Trieste; for your own 2-pax bedroom. We can also arrange for you to sleep in a hotel.

Although you can get all the gear here, it's recommended you have your own climbing shoes and harness. Unless explicitely specified you always sleep in a nice bed, so no sleeping bag or foam in necessary. Do bring good approach shoes and some warm clothes and a small backpack.

For other important questions, check out FAQ section or write us an email here.