Welcome to paradise!

Travelling around the world is one of the best features of being a climber. Discovery of new places to climb also brings us to new countries, cultures and people with many things to see, taste and touch, other than rock.

But it can also be complicated. The crags can be scattered around, making your trip very limited if you don’t have a car. And even then, you have to find them, figure out which ones will suit you, where to park, what time of day and year is best and similar stuff.

Sometimes the best crags are in less developed regions, lacking tourist infrastructure and making your planning difficult. Sure, it's fun to discover new places and travel the roads off the beaten track, but it can also be a drag, especially if weather or circumstances don’t go your way.

That’s where we come in. We want to make your climbing holidays a fun and relaxing experience, retaining the sense of discovery and adventure, yet stripping it of all the organizational problems listed above. As soon as you land in Slovenia, your transport problems are over.

We’ll arrange your accommodation in nearby apartments and hostels and take you to great local restaurants of the region. We’ll even give you an exclusive tour of the wine cellar or show you a secret beach or two.

But it doesn’t end here. After all, you’ve come to climb! With the help of experienced instructors, we will take care of your climbing progress, whether you’re a complete beginner just learning to climb or an advanced climber trying to pick up some tips and tricks.

Plus, we’ll always find a perfect crag for your level and the outside conditions. Regardless of your goals and desires, be it onsighting, projecting, getting some climbing mileage, or just enjoying on the sun, we’ve got the beta, guidance and motivation for you.

Many times, the point of climbing holidays is not only in climbing from dawn till dusk. You may need a rest day or a half day off. And we’ve got that covered too. There are many beautiful sights scattered around the region or in its vicinity, with UNESCO protected caves, castles and towns, beautiful Roman remains and breathtaking walks in nature or along the coast.

You may even like the rest part of the holidays better than the climbing! In any case, we want you to leave with some sense of where you've been, and do it "climber-style". That's why we try to make sure all the climbers on our trip are fully satisfied and that's why our holidays are never the same: beginners who want to climb all day or pros who want to also see some history... and everyone in between get their holidays tailor made just for them.